Small mobile block factories can be used to rebuild quickly after a crisis.

Meet our man on the ground in Ukraine: Manfred Hin

Manfred is a builder from Townsville Australia, and is the Mobile Crisis Construction Technical Advisor in Ukraine.

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Ukraine Update

Ukrainian Rebuilding Charity seeks Mobile Crisis Construction block factories

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“Due to the scale of destruction and availability of construction debris,  we are in desperate need to remove ruble and make blocks.

We believe that the Mobile Crisis Construction small factory will assist us with our work.

In fact we see that without this machinery we cannot make blocks and rebuild in the planned scale.”

Yurko Didula and the BUR team

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Communities in urgent need can use local waste rubble and plastic to make interlocking blocks that are easy to lay.

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The world is in great need: we need small community factories to construct homes, schools, warehouses, and hospitals.

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What is different about Mobile Crisis Construction? and What’s the plan?

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Semi Automated production: safe healthy work

Small community business

Interlocking blocks: easy to lay

Replaced homes in weeks instead of months 

Earthquake, Cyclone and Fire resistant: Built Back Better

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Recycled Blocks

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Mobile Crisis Construction Ltd is a Registered Charity, based in Perth, Australia.

We are also seeking interest from the NGO Community and UN Agencies.