Company Plan

Company Plan

“I can easily see the need for 50 to 100 factories to be produced every year.

Some will be waiting for emergency deployment, but the need is so great, and there’s nothing else quite like it, so most units would be working in the field: they’re really needed now” 

Mick Pattison, Crisis Logisitcs Operations, Scan Global 

In 3 years we hope to be making 50 mobile factories per year

So whats the difference? Is this out there already?

Small manual hand making brick units are available: taking large teams months to build one house, and not necessarily milling the rubble.

Larger stationary factories are often in big cities, again not using local rubble, and incurring large transport costs.

Mobile Crisis Construction offers a unique solution: small volume semi-automated production in a relocatable factory, moving village to village.


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The increasing need for Mobile Crisis Construction is shown by the increasing rate of worldwide destructive events: