Rapid Crisis Response

Rapid Crisis Response

“Buildings can be built within weeks instead of many months or even years, empowering the local community, and disrupting supply chain issues related to building materials”

Rapid building options:

  • One mobile factory makes 4,000 ‘Crisis Blocks’ per 8 hour shift with 4 labourers, giving many rapid building options when working 24 hours per day:

  • “Relief Accommodation”: 36m2 space including a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen/living area, 10 units in a row: 10 houses in 2.3 days

  • Community School or Hospital: 10 rooms in a row, 36m2 each: 1 school or hospital in 1.8 days

  • “Logistics Warehouse” 5m high, 200m2 cavity double leaf wall building: 1 warehouse in 2.2 days

  • “Suburb Housing”: 100m2 including 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms kitchen/dining, separate living room, freestanding: 3 larger homes per day.

  • Blocks need to be stacked to cure for 7 days prior to laying, and will reach full strength after 28 days.

  • Once basic foundations are in place using 2 labourers, walls can be completed with 4 labourers. Total labourers: 10 per shift.

  • Flooring, roofing, fittings, plumbing, electrical etc to be sourced by partner logistics companies.

  • The mobile factory can also produce Paving bricks after the housing is complete.